Modular Low Profile Intelligent Remote Control Diesel LHD(2m³)

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Modular Low Profile Intelligent Remote Control Diesel LHD(2m³)


TH-WJ-2D-lhd-main -technical-featrues.png

Performance Characteristics

Low Profile

TH-WJ-2D diesel LHD has a lifting capacity of 4.0 tons, a body length of 7.3m, a width of 1.87m and a height of 2.05m, which is lower than the domestic conventional LHD with a height of 2.3m.

It supports free disassembly on the roof. After disassembly, the height of the LHD is only 1.7m. It has stronger adaptability to underground environment and is specially designed for underground shovel transport, which is very suitable for working in low underground roadway.




The engineer chooses key accessories when designing: German Deutz engine, American Dana gearbox and torque converter, Denmark Danfoss hydraulic load sensing system, American Meritor front and rear axles and other world brands. High-end, high-quality imported accessories can ensure the service life and working performance of the LHD as far as possible, improve the efficiency of the LHD at the same time improve the safety of operation, won the trust of customers.



HOT can configure remote control for the LHD shipped out of the factory. If the personnel are within 100 meters, the LHD can be operated by the remote control, which is safer and more efficient.


Plateau Customized Model

At present, the engineer team of HOT has achieved a technical breakthrough at high altitude. We can customize the transformation of TH-WJ-2D low height LHD according to the actual working environment in the plateau region, so as to solve a series of negative effects brought by altitude and meet the needs of users.