HUK-4 Underground Articulated Dump Truck

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HUK-4 Underground Articulated Dump Truck

Main Technical Characteristics:

1.Cummins 4 BTAA3.9-C100 diesel engine is used in the power system, and the inlet  oxidation catalytic exhaust gas purifier is installed in the exhaust system.

2.Dynamic transmission system adopts hydraulic control axial piston variable pump and  axial plunger variable motor of DANFOSS company, which is easy to operate and adopts  rigid drive axle with wet multiple brake. The tire is mine smooth surface cutting resistant  tire.

3.Working brake system adopts wet multiple brake, Italian safim brake hydraulic system;  parking brake and emergency brake adopt multi-disc safety brake, spring release,  hydraulic brake.

4.The frame of the whole vehicle is a central hinged structure, and the rear fram swings  around the center of rotation to improve the adhesion of the whole machine.

5.The steering system is a hydraulic power steering system with bilateral steering  cylinders.Use Eaton load - sensing steering gear.

6.Rear-dump truck bucket, easy to dump ore and material.

Technical Parameters: